Trademark Registration in Bangalore! Are the businesses aware of their rights?

The start-up capital of India, is emerging into a global start-up ecosystem. The support and upliftment provided by the government is paving way for entrepreneurs and creating employment locally. With the growth of local businesses, the value of the Intellectual Property and brands are increasing like never before. However, are business protecting their rights?

Despite the increase in awareness, we can see that several small entrepreneurs are continuing to opt for generic names, names similar to bigger brands and deceptive logos mostly due to lack of ignorance and consequences. Even if one similar brand is established with an identical or similar trademark, the prior owners are at a risk of losing exponential revenues and profits. Apart from the monetary loses, the harm caused to their goodwill and reputation by sub standard service or supply of goods can be long lasting. These tangibles and intangibles can create a slow death to the growth of a business.

It is prudent for the entrepreneurs to understand IP and seek guidance from professionals at the very beginning to ensure that assets are protected and monetised in par with the global standards Bangalore in entering. Previously, the residents had to file through an attorney or agent from Chennai for lack of online facilities to file for trademark registration. Digital evolution in the IP offices across India, facilitates local professionals and residents to seamlessly file and protect their IP portfolios from their residence. Perhaps, Government can intervene to ensure mandatory registration to avoid business conflicts and unchecked monopolies in the market.

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