A time of uncertainty has caused several business owners, entrepreneurs, service providers and other niche commercial establishments to rethink their business foundation models. The relevance of Trademark and its importance has gained further outreach with the shift to prominence to online services and presence. 

The online market has grown exponentially over the past few months in India. The apprehension of online shopping has made wary Indians to give more value to brand image. That’s where the importance of Trademark comes in. Those businesses who had invested heavily to build their Trademark from ground below had a secure online presence, allowing them to grab the opportunities presented even during the times of pandemic. 

Restaurant industries took a major hit during this pandemic. However, several of them have been able to bare the wrath and sustain themselves through online delivery service only because of their investment on their brand image by securing their trademark. Quality and hygiene is prominent to customers. This came to be associated with Trademark.  

The pandemic has made us rethink the existing system on several frontiers and securing ones Trademark by registering it and ensuring its given due weightage while drafting business related agreements is a step ahead that we should ponder. I cannot conclude this article before bringing the viewers attention to the value of trademark especially in medical Industry. Exciting and upcoming entities in the medical industry must give due credit to securing their interest not only as an advantage commercially but in view of public health. 

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